Best friends since the 10th grade, creative director Andrea Linett and designer Anne Johnston Albert, formerly of Martin, have teamed up to start Jolie Laide, a capsule collection of pieces they want to wear offered in limited editions. The name is based on the French phrase literally meaning “pretty ugly” and is very much the philosophy behind the design team. Most beautiful things possess some kind of imperfection that makes them even more attractive. For instance, the perfect pair of jeans get better with age, a crisp white button-down looks that much cooler when it's a bit rumpled. Perfection is middle-of-the-road, Jolie Laide is more fun! 

Jolie Laide is a study in contrasts -- tough but feminine, cool but not trendy, glamorous but never overdone. Most of all, it's all about personal style. The Jolie Laide woman, never the fashion follower, would rather stand out as the girl who really “gets” it.


First up is their favorite army bag made bigger and glammed-up in black satin. There's also a favorite slouchy tee and new flat tote. Stay tuned for more and welcome to Jolie Laide! 



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